This afternoon, a pair of bald eagles visited Lockehaven Farm. One of them flew from Crystal Lake to our pine tree to land and eat what looked to a squirrel or chipmunk (you can sort of make out something in a few of the pictures). I was able to take a few pictures of it before it flew away over the valley and back to the lake. We have seen an eagle here only once before, so it is exciting to think there is a mating pair living on Crystal Lake.  It is also encouraging to think that Crystal Lake and the surrounding area offer enough prey and privacy for a pair of eagles.  While the eagle is old enough to have the distinctive white head feathers, as it flew over I noticed it still had some white splotches on its body, making me think it is still somewhat of a juvenile. I don't know if eagles prefer to live in a single area, but hopefully this won't be the last time we see this pair. 

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